Ten ( 10 ) Hobbies You May Adopt to Get Rid of Your Anger and Anxieties (Particularly in Covid-19)

Most of us find ourselves angry and frustrated at times. There can be many reasons behind it like our failures, bad relationships, issues at workplace or house and maybe a health or financial problems.

Healthy aggression is not bad for health. In some situations, it becomes necessary to vent out our anger. But be careful of unnecessary wrath that can do nothing but damage your internal peace and relationships with your family and friends. However, there are solutions which can be useful for us in all such conditions. Here are some interesting and useful activities for venting your inner anxiety and frustrations without causing any harm to yourself and your loved ones.

1. Pottery

Pottery is one of the most ancient skills of human beings. It is the art of making useful items like utensils, showpieces, toys from clay either by molding or on the pottery wheel. As man is made of clay, so he has always been fascinated by it. The fragrance of clay mixed with water and dipping hands in clay always has a therapeutic impact on man. That’s why children always love to play with clay or toys made of clay. Miniature pottery is something children really enjoy and it should be taught to them. As pottery demands a lot of focus and concentration. While doing it, all other thoughts vanish from the mind. That’s how pottery can decrease negativity and anxiety levels from man. Making pottery either on a pottery wheel or by molding gives good physical exercise as well. It is good for hands and fingers and decreases the chances of arthritis and trigger finger disorder.

2. Knitting

Knitting is the art of creating beautiful textile and fabrics design by manipulating different types of yarns using a knitting needle. This art is mostly considered female art but it’s just a myth. Men can also be knitters and there have been some phenomenal male knitters in the past and even nowadays. The art of knitting spread like a wildfire in the world during Middle Ages and primarily, males spread it. In the past, there used to be a knitting center in every tribe where women used to knit together. Thus, knitting was a social activity as well as the major source of income for many regions. With the passage of time, this art lost its importance. But nowadays knitted fabrics are again in fashion and demand. Moreover, the modern industrialized and mechanical world forces us to find a pleasant escape from this hustle and bustle, and knitting definitely provides so. This art promotes self-confidence and self-esteem which is very good for our mental and psychological health. Knitting is a good exercise for our eyes and fingers also and enhances eye-finger coordination. Feelings of loneliness also effectively reduced.

3. Painting and Sketching

The idea of creatively conveying your thoughts and emotions on paper or canvas using pencils, colors, and brushes is called painting. This art has no boundaries. It has a great history and a sparkling future as well. It takes you to the path of self-realization. If you are shy in expressing yourself, then you can express your feelings and emotions via painting and sketching because your paintings reflect you. Surely, painting is a language in itself, colors are its words and only artists can understand it.

You can take it as a profession as well i.e house painting, wall painting, and designing murals. Even sketching has a great scope nowadays. You can have a good career in art studios, teaching arts, making cartoons and animations for movies and magazines.

4. Boxing and Punching

At times in our lives, we get so annoyed and frustrated that we want to beat or punch someone, but we can’t do it and actually, we shouldn’t do it. Instead, there is an alternate for it, you can buy a punching bag from the market, hang it at someplace in your house, wear gloves and start beating it. It will not only keep you physically strong and healthy but also ventilate out all your anger, fear, rage, and wrath. You will feel mentally calm and relaxed after doing it. Boxing and Punching are all about remaining steadfast and firm. It teaches a life lesson of not giving up despite how frustrated and angry you are. Boxing will surely make you a more brave and courageous person in real life.

5. Archery and Shooting

Archery and shooting are also one of the best way to get rid of your rage and anxiety however, there is a difference between them. In archery, we shoot arrows by using bows while in shooting, a gun or pistol is used to aim and fire. It provides you an inlet to ventilate all your anger on a single point i.e firing point. In the past, this skill was used for hunting or in wars but now it’s one of the most important sports in the world. It is included in Olympics games also. Archery demands to stand still and aim for your target. Thus it improves body balance and teaches patience. Muscles, shoulders, chest, and fingers get good exercise in this way. You can do it at home (be careful) or at firing ranges. Firing ranges are present at different places where a lot of people come thus it helps one in socializing as well and promotes healthy competition in the case of group archery. As we aim and shift all our concentration at a single point, so it teaches us the importance of an aim and purpose for life and investing all sour energy into it.

As the highly acclaimed author Paulo Coelho also meditates this way:

I am a very good archer. I use archery as my way of meditation. And, I have my bow, my arrow and I use this tension and relaxation in the second after throwing the arrow. When I do archery, I am totally there with my bow, my target, my arrow, and I don’t think I am in communion with the universe.

6. Cooking

Most housewives consider cooking boring and take it as usual routine work, but trust me, if they start understanding the beauty of mixing ingredients and bringing creativity into it, they will surely enjoy it. It is said that the passion and energy you put into a dish is as par important as all other necessary ingredients and surely, love is the most important ingredient you can put into a dish. Cooking is all about experimenting and trying. If you don’t cook a dish well, don’t give up, try it again in some other way. Everyone has a taste in his/her hand, you just need to bring it out with practice. Cooking improves your guessing abilities and improvisation skills. Cooking for your family and friends and serving them is a joy in itself and then eating together can be very helpful in establishing good communication and social skills. Decorating and garnishing your food is another joy.

7. Carpentry

Making handicrafts using any raw material is all about experiencing and enjoying nature and life. Carpentry is one of the most ancient professions of humans. Wood has been used to make houses, furniture, utensils, toys, and jewelry because of its strength, durability, and aesthetic qualities. The ancient wooden toys, furniture, and utensils can still be seen in museums and heritage sites. Carpentry can be pursued as a hobby and as a profession( a good earning profession). Working with carpentry tools and equipment improves physical health. As wood is a heavy material so it provides good exercise. Diabetes, higher cholesterol levels, and cardiovascular diseases are effectively reduced. Making wooden furniture, houses, or handicrafts, you have to take exact measurements, thus it improves your precision. A great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction is also accompanied by economic and health benefits.

8. Playing Piano, Guitar or any of your favorite instrument

Man has always been an ardent lover of music and it has many therapeutic effects on him. Listening to music is a joyful activity. It takes you away from all the hurries and worries of life into a joyful world. Music is a great mood enhancer and if you have a natural inclination towards composing new melodies and writing new lyrics then you must be a lucky person. From writing lyrics to composing melodies, adding sound effects and incorporating different musical instruments is a fun activity. Playing piano, guitar, violin, the flute is itself pleasing. You forget all tensions in life and indulge completely in it. Not only can you relieve your stresses and anxieties but you can also make others feel relaxed by singing a song or playing a musical instrument for them. Teaching piano or guitar to young children improves their mental health and increases their confidence.

9. Gardening

Gardening is all about Life. It’s like enjoying paradise on earth. If you have a natural inclination and interest in gardening, it’s a blessing for you. It can bring hope, peace, calm, and even economical benefits to your life. You get a lot of time to spend close to nature. Your physical and mental health improves. You can get fresh and healthy vegetables and fruits from your garden which not only better your health but your budget also remains in your control. Horticultural therapy is getting popular day by day for drug addicts, physical and mental patients to get healthy by engaging in gardening or other plants related activities. Because, research shows that some special harmones are released from human body when it is near greenery and due to their emission, mood and health of human beings gets boosted. Gardening makes our sleep better as well. Especially, in this Covid-19 scenario, it is the best hobby you can pursue if you are getting bored or frustrated at home.

10. Photography

Capturing beautiful moments has always been a desire of man. In the past, painters were hired to save beautiful places, people, or moments on canvases but with the passage of time, cameras were invented. Cameras were expensive so a few people could use them. But then, this issue was also resolved by incorporating cameras in mobile phones. Now, the quality of mobile phone cameras is increasing day by day and anyone can pursue this hobby via his mobile phone. Photography demands a lot of focus, thus all negative thoughts stay away from you while capturing pictures. Developing pictures is also an interesting activity. It’s an art in itself. Photography is a way of visual communication. Not only capturing moments is beautiful but seeing them after being shot is also an amazing experience. You must have enjoyed a lot while seeing the old family and wedding albums of your family and relatives. Thus, you can also create memories for yourself and your next generations.

There can be many other hobbies as well like hiking, swimming, traveling that you can adopt and it’s also not necessary that you have to adopt all the above-mentioned hobbies, just adopt the one which you find good and relaxing for yourself and if that hobby is not in the list, then try to figure out it for yourself. But remember one thing, don’t waste your energy on unnecessary things and quarrels. Life is too short, make it useful for yourself and for others.