Great Contributions of Virgil to Latin Literature and Roman Society

Childhood and Education

Political Circumstances of That Era


Virgil’s Teachings

  • Endurance and steadfastness can overcome every difficulty.
  • Your successors have to harvest what you are sowing.
  • A point comes when your desires will become your God.
  • Every conquest begins with a firm belief.
  • Love can conquer everything.
  • Sweet and happy time go fast.
  • Be steadfast ,for fortune favours only those who are brave and bold.
  • Your knowledge can do no good for anyone.Your services and actions can.
  • Fortunate is the one who loves and studies nature and it’s laws.
  • Don’t be attracted towards outer beauty.Find the original charm in others ,for beauty of face is temporary.

“Great people live beyond the boundaries of time and space.”



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