Eight Pakistani Spy Novelists- You Must Read Their Books

Spy fiction is the most popular genre of fiction prose because it is generally a complete package of suspense, action thrill, romance, and comedy. Along with it, these novels can increase our knowledge of history, geography, and politics. They make us a little bit secure minded which can sometimes be useful for us.

The first spy novel was perhaps “The Spy” (1821) written by James Fenimore. The internationally acclaimed spy fiction writer is John Le Carre, Robert Ludlum, Lauren Wilkinson, Tom Clancy, John Buchan, and Ian Fleming(famous for James Bond).

Urdu literature has also some glorious examples of spy fiction like “Imran Series” and “Mai Aik Jasoos that”(I was a spy). Here is a list of eight Pakistani writers who have written on spy fiction

1. Naseem Hijazi (1914–1996 )

Naseem Hijazi is the pen name of famous Pakistani writer Shareef Hussain. He earned his name for writing some tremendous history fiction books. He is most notable for his novel “Muhammad Bin Qasim" and “Shaheen".Islamic history was the main theme of his novels. Many of his novels are translated into Bengali, Arabic, Sindhi, and other languages. Truly, he has played a great role in the character building of his nation. His novels are an addiction.He wrote about Muslim heroes like Mahmud Ghaznavi, Muhammad Bin Qasim, Mahmud Ghaznavi and Tipu Sultan etc.He wrote two to three novels about the period of Spanish Reconquista.

He also wrote about Mongol Emperor Genghis Khan and his expeditions. Some of his novels were dramatized as well. He was awarded the Pride of Performance award by the government of Pakistan in 1992. Extracts from his books have been a part of the national curriculum for high school and intermediate classes in Pakistan

Here is a list of his novels:

  • Shaheen
  • Muhammad Bin Qasim
  • Andheri Raat ke Musafir
  • Yusuf Bin Tashfeen
  • Kaleesa Aur Aag
  • Aur Talwar Toot gai
  • Insaan Aur Dewta
  • Daastan e Mujahid
  • Gumshuda kaffley …..and many more.

2. Ibn e Safi (1928–1980)

His real name was Asrar Ahmed while Ibn e Safi was his pen name. He studied at Agra University and Allahabad University. He mainly wrote on mystery, crime fiction, spy fiction, science fiction, and adventure. He is most notable for his 120-book “Imran Series” and the 125 book series “Jasoosi Duniya”(The Spy World). He informally remained a part of Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI(Inter-Services Intelligence). He also wrote the script of a famous Pakistani movie “Dhamaka”.His own publication company name was “Asrar Publications”. He was awarded “Sitara e Imtiaz” by the Government of Pakistan in 2020. Here is a list of his books:

  • Khaufnak Imarat (The House Of Fear)
  • Chatanon Maen Fa’ir
  • Pur-Asrar Cheekhain (Mysterious Screams)
  • Bhayanak Aadmi ( (The Dreadful Man)
  • Jahanam Ki Raqasa (Dancer from Hell)
  • Neelay Parinday
  • Saanpoan Ke Shikari (Snake Hunters)
  • Raat Ka Shehzada (The Nocturnal Prince)
  • Dhuain Ki Tehreer (Scribbling in Smoke)
  • Larkiyoan Ka Jazeerah(Women Island)
  • Patthar Ka Khoon (Blood of Rocks)
  • Lashoan Ka Bazaar (Corpse Carnival)
  • Qabr Aur Khanjar (The Grave and The Dagger)
  • Ahani Darwaza (The Iron Door)
  • Kaalay Charaagh (The Dark Lamps)
  • Khoon Ke Piyasay (Bloodthirsty)
  • Alphansay (Alphonse)
  • Darindoan Ki Basti (Colony of Beasts)
  • Gum-shuda Shahzadi (The Lost Princess)
  • Hamaqat Ka Jaal (Trap of Folly)
  • Shafaq Ke Pujari

3. Abdul Hameed ( 1928–2011)

Abdul Hameed (also famous as A Hameed) was a god-gifted Urdu storyteller, novelist playwright, and broadcaster. He was born in Amritsar, India, and later migrated to Lahore, Pakistan after the Indo-Pak partition in 1947. He is notable for his super hit children’s TV play “Ainak Wala Jin".This show was broadcasted on Pakistan Television Corporation in the mid-nineties (the 90s). He worked for Radio Pakistan as well. He wrote columns for different national newspapers. He has written more than 200 novels and many plays for radio and television. He was awarded the Pride of Performance Award by the Government of Pakistan in 1997.

Here is a list of his books:

4. Mazhar Kaleem (1942–2018)

Mazhar Kaleem is the pen name of Mazhar Khan who was a famous Pakistani lawyer, anchorperson, and novelist. He studied at Islamia High School Multan and Emerson College. He got popularity with his spy fiction “Imran Series”.He copied some principal characters from the “Imran Series” and wrote his original novels. He was a contemporary of Ibn e Safi. He had also written some short stories for children. He had written over 500 books. Here is a list of his novels:

  • Manzil Manzil
  • Maut Ke Taaqub Me(Pursuing Death)
  • Talaash e Muhabbat
  • Zarb e Momin
  • Target Killing
  • Mera dost Mera Dushman
  • Veeran Jazeeray(Isolated Islands)
  • Dekho Shehar Lahore
  • Amber Naag Maria Series. …etc

5. Ishtiaq Ahmed (1942–2015)

He was the most prolific and best-selling fiction writer and novelist who is very famous for his detective novel series “ Inspector Jamshed".He was a great admirer of Ibn e Safi and followed his steps. He wrote very good content for children. He had written nearly 800 detective novels i.e the highest number of books written by an author in any language. His main subjects were patriotism and Islam. His books are sold like hot takes even today. He also worked as an editor for the famous children’s magazine “Bachon ka Islam".

Here is a short list of his books:

  • Khooni Program
  • Soney ka Jahaz
  • Pahar ka Samander
  • Farzi Khauf
  • Chaar Taboot
  • Akhri Jhatka
  • Jeeti Jagti Tasweer
  • Bottle ka jin
  • Chor Darwaza
  • Tasweer ka Ghulam

6. Zaheer Ahmed

He was also a legendary Pakistani writer. He was a student of Mazhar Kaleem. He started his career by writing short stories. He was also a very successful writer of “Imran Series".His mentor Mazhar Kaleem wrote the preface of his first book. His novels are a mixture of mystery, adventure, comedy, and suspense. He wrote about all-time favorite characters of kids like Sheikh Chilli, Umru Ayyar, and Tarzan.

Here is a list of some of his books:

  • Crime city
  • Black Drops
  • Mujrim kon
  • Action Mission Imran Series
  • Sheikh Chilli Aur Naag Rani
  • Sheikh Chilli ki Shamat
  • Ahmaq Sheikh
  • Chilli Bahadur Sheikh Chilli
  • Red Spider Imran Series

7. Tariq Ismail Sagar (1952-Present)

He is the most renowned Pakistani novelist, journalist, current affairs specialist, and dramatist. He is among the best-selling authors of South Asia. He is the writer of a blockbuster Pak movie “Salakehein". His books serve as a guide for intelligence agencies in Pakistan and some other countries. Many of his books are translated into other languages of the world. His book “Jasoos kese banta ha"(How a spy is trained) is a masterpiece that has complete details of how spies are trained in different agencies of the world. He has written about some very controversial and serious topics like Kashmir Conflict, Palestine-Israel Conflict, Afghan War, Role of India in the creation of Bangladesh, Afghan War, USSR, and Black Water, etc. He is literally the true asset of Pakistan. He also writes columns in different newspapers. He also runs a youtube channel about the Current Affairs of the World and Pakistan.


Here is a list of his novels:

  • Commando
  • Mai Aik Jasoos Tha
  • Saazish
  • Watan ki mitti gawah rehna
  • Base Camp
  • Crack Down
  • Usama Bin Ladin
  • Bhatka Hua Raahi

8. Safdar Shaheen

He was also an author of “Imran Series". He started his career by writing short stories for children. After the death of Ibn e Safi, he used the few main characters of the Imran Series but always had a different style. He is very popular among kids and youngsters as he wrote many exciting and adventurous novels. He has written about 600 books. Surely, every grown-up literature lover of Urdu must have read “Imran Series" be it written by Ibn e Safi, Mazhar Kaleem, Zaheer Ahmed, Ali Hasan Gilani, Khalid Noor, or Irshad al Asar.

Here is a list of his novels:

  • Red Spot
  • Death Catcher
  • Eagle Eye
  • Dragon Island
  • X 2 Zaadi
  • Ajeeb Hangama
  • Adam Khor Agent
  • Akhri Shikar