Byzantine Empire(395-1453AD) — Major Wars,Culture,Art , Legacy_You most likely didn’t know about it

Brief History

Constantine I the Great (reign :330–337)is regarded as the first emperor of Byzantine Empire.He converted to Christianity and shifted his capital from Rome to Byzantium.The name of empire(Byzantine) was also derived from name of this city.However, he later named this city “Constantinople”(city of Constantine).Today this city is called Istanbul.Soon,this city became center of trade and culture.

Culture and Science

Byzantines had a diverse culture.It was influenced by Latin, Persian and Islamic culture and also left it’s deep marks on these cultures.They left a great legacy on Orthodox Christianity as well.


Round arches and domes were the most prominent features of Byzantine Architecture.They also promoted the cross in square architectural style. Marble, stones,bricks and plasters were used to construct and solidify buildings.Beautiful paintings,mosaics and furniture were used to beautify the interior of buildings.Byzantines were first to make hospitals in their empire.

Church of St John the Baptist (Ukraine)



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